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Creates a 1D tensor containing a sequence of integers.

    start, stop=None, step=1, dtype='int32'

The function arguments use the same convention as Theano's arange: if only one argument is provided, it is in fact the "stop" argument and "start" is 0.

The default type of the returned tensor is 'int32' to match TensorFlow's default.


  • start: Start value.
  • stop: Stop value.
  • step: Difference between two successive values.
  • dtype: Integer dtype to use.


An integer tensor.


tf.keras.backend.arange(start=0, stop=10, step=1.5) 
<tf.Tensor: shape=(7,), dtype=float32, 
    numpy=array([0. , 1.5, 3. , 4.5, 6. , 7.5, 9. ], dtype=float32)>