Calculates how often predictions matches integer labels.

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acc =, np.equal(y_true, np.argmax(y_pred, axis=1))

You can provide logits of classes as y_pred, since argmax of logits and probabilities are same.

This metric creates two local variables, total and count that are used to compute the frequency with which y_pred matches y_true. This frequency is ultimately returned as sparse categorical accuracy: an idempotent operation that simply divides total by count.

If sample_weight is None, weights default to 1. Use sample_weight of 0 to mask values.

name (Optional) string name of the metric instance.
dtype (Optional) data type of the metric result.

Standalone usage:

m = tf.keras.metrics.SparseCategoricalAccuracy()
m.update_state([[2], [1]], [[0.1, 0.6, 0.3], [0.05, 0.95, 0]])