Depthwise separable 1D convolution.

Inherits From: Layer, Module

This layer performs a depthwise convolution that acts separately on channels, followed by a pointwise convolution that mixes channels. If use_bias is True and a bias initializer is provided, it adds a bias vector to the output. It then optionally applies an activation function to produce the final output.

filters Integer, the dimensionality of the output space (i.e. the number of filters in the convolution).
kernel_size A single integer specifying the spatial dimensions of the filters.
strides A single integer specifying the strides of the convolution. Specifying any stride value != 1 is incompatible with specifying any dilation_rate value != 1.
padding One of "valid", "same", or "causal" (case-insensitive). "valid" means no padding. "same" results in padding with zeros evenly to the left/right or up/down of the input such that output has the same height/width dimension as the input. "causal" results in causal (dilated) convolutions, e.g.