A FIFOQueue that supports batching variable-sized tensors by padding.

Inherits From: QueueBase

A PaddingFIFOQueue may contain components with dynamic shape, while also supporting dequeue_many. See the constructor for more details.

See tf.queue.QueueBase for a description of the methods on this class.

capacity An integer. The upper bound on the number of elements that may be stored in this queue.
dtypes A list of DType objects. The length of dtypes must equal the number of tensors in each queue element.
shapes A list of TensorShape objects, with the same length as dtypes. Any dimension in the TensorShape containing value None is dynamic and allows values to be enqueued with variable size in that dimension.
names (Optional.) A list of string naming the components in the queue with the same length as dtypes, or None. If specified the dequeue methods return a dictionary with the names as keys.
shared_name (Optional.) If non-empty, this queue will be shared under the given name across multiple sessions.
name Optional name for the queue operation.