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Options for finer control over the profiler.

Use tf.profiler.ProfilerOptions to control tf.profiler behavior.


  • host_tracer_level: Adjust CPU tracing level. Values are: 1 - critical info only, 2 - info, 3 - verbose. [default value is 2]
  • python_tracer_level: Toggle tracing of Python function calls. Values are: 1
  • enabled, 0 - disabled [default value is 0]
  • device_tracer_level: Adjust device (TPU/GPU) tracing level. Values are: 1 - enabled, 0 - disabled [default value is 1]
  • delay_ms: Requests for all hosts to start profiling at a timestamp that is delay_ms away from the current time. delay_ms is in milliseconds. If zero, each host will start profiling immediately upon receiving the request. Default value is None, allowing the profiler guess the best value.