Applies Dropout to the input.

Inherits From: Layer, Module

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The Dropout layer randomly sets input units to 0 with a frequency of rate at each step during training time, which helps prevent overfitting. Inputs not set to 0 are scaled up by 1/(1 - rate) such that the sum over all inputs is unchanged.

Note that the Dropout layer only applies when training is set to True such that no values are dropped during inference. When using, training will be appropriately set to True automatically, and in other contexts, you can set the kwarg explicitly to True when calling the layer.

(This is in contrast to setting trainable=False for a Dropout layer. trainable does not affect the layer's behavior, as Dropout does not have any variables/weights that can be frozen during training.)

layer = tf.keras.layers.Dropout(.2, input_shape=(2,))
data = np.arange(10).reshape(5, 2).astype(np.float32)