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Set the list of visible devices.

Sets the list of PhysicalDevices to be marked as visible to the runtime. Any devices that are not marked as visible means TensorFlow will not allocate memory on it and will not be able to place any operations on it as no LogicalDevice will be created on it. By default all discovered devices are marked as visible.

The following example demonstrates disabling the first GPU on the machine.

physical_devices = config.experimental.list_physical_devices('GPU')
assert len(physical_devices) > 0, "Not enough GPU hardware devices available"
# Disable first GPU
tf.config.experimental.set_visible_devices(physical_devices[1:], 'GPU')
logical_devices = config.experimental.list_logical_devices('GPU')
# Logical device was not created for first GPU
assert len(logical_devices) == len(physical_devices) - 1

devices (optional) List of PhysicalDevice objects to make visible
device_type (optional) Device types to limit visibility configuration to. Other device types will be left unaltered.