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Applies func to each entry in structure and returns a new structure.

Applies func(tuple_path, x[0], x[1], ..., **kwargs) where x[i] is an entry in structure[i] and tuple_path is a tuple of indices and/or dictionary keys (as returned by nest.yield_flat_paths), which uniquely specifies the common path to x[i] in the structures. All structures in structure must have the same arity, and the return value will contain the results in the same structure. Special kwarg check_types determines whether the types of iterables within the structure must be the same-- see **kwargs definition below.

func A callable with the signature func(tuple_path, *values, **kwargs) that is evaluated on the leaves of the structure.
*structure A variable number of compatible structures to process.
**kwargs Optional kwargs to be passed through to func. Special kwarg check_types is not passed to func, but instead determines whether the types of iterables within the structures have to be same (e.g. map_structure(func, [1], (1,)) raises a TypeError exception). To allow this set this argument to False.

A structure of the same form as the input structures whose leaves are the result of evaluating func on corresponding leaves of the input structures.

TypeError If func is not callable or if the structures do not match each other by depth tree.
TypeError If check_types is not False and the two structures differ in the type of sequence in any of their substructures.
ValueError If no structures are provided.