Module: tf.contrib.factorization

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Ops and modules related to factorization.


class GMM: An estimator for GMM clustering.

class GmmAlgorithm: Tensorflow Gaussian mixture model clustering class.

class KMeans: Creates the graph for k-means clustering.

class KMeansClustering: An Estimator for K-Means clustering.

class WALSMatrixFactorization: An Estimator for Weighted Matrix Factorization, using the WALS method.

class WALSModel: A model for Weighted Alternating Least Squares matrix factorization.


gmm(...): Creates the graph for Gaussian mixture model (GMM) clustering.

Other Members

  • COSINE_DISTANCE = 'cosine'
  • KMEANS_PLUS_PLUS_INIT = 'kmeans_plus_plus'
  • RANDOM_INIT = 'random'
  • SQUARED_EUCLIDEAN_DISTANCE = 'squared_euclidean'