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Base abstract class that allows the user to customize sampling.

Inherits From: Helper

initialize_fn callable that returns (finished, next_inputs) for the first iteration.
sample_fn callable that takes (time, outputs, state) and emits tensor sample_ids.
next_inputs_fn callable that takes (time, outputs, state, sample_ids) and emits (finished, next_inputs, next_state).
sample_ids_shape Either a list of integers, or a 1-D Tensor of type int32, the shape of each value in the sample_ids batch. Defaults to a scalar.
sample_ids_dtype The dtype of the sample_ids tensor. Defaults to int32.

batch_size Batch size of tensor returned by sample.

Returns a scalar int32 tensor.

sample_ids_dtype DType of tensor returned by sample.

Returns a DType.

sample_ids_shape Shape of tensor returned by sample, excluding the batch dimension.

Returns a TensorShape.



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Returns (initial_finished, initial_inputs).


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Returns (finished, next_inputs, next_state).


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Returns sample_ids.