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Shuffles and repeats a Dataset returning a new permutation for each epoch. (deprecated)


dataset.apply(tf.data.experimental.shuffle_and_repeat(buffer_size, count))

is equivalent to

dataset.shuffle(buffer_size, reshuffle_each_iteration=True).repeat(count)

The difference is that the latter dataset is not serializable. So, if you need to checkpoint an input pipeline with reshuffling you must use this implementation.


  • buffer_size: A tf.int64 scalar tf.Tensor, representing the maximum number elements that will be buffered when prefetching.
  • count: (Optional.) A tf.int64 scalar tf.Tensor, representing the number of times the dataset should be repeated. The default behavior (if count is None or -1) is for the dataset be repeated indefinitely.
  • seed: (Optional.) A tf.int64 scalar tf.Tensor, representing the random seed that will be used to create the distribution. See tf.compat.v1.set_random_seed for behavior.


A Dataset transformation function, which can be passed to tf.data.Dataset.apply.