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Creates an operation to assign specific variables from a checkpoint.

model_path The full path to the model checkpoint. To get latest checkpoint use model_path = tf.train.latest_checkpoint(checkpoint_dir)
var_list A list of (possibly partitioned) Variable objects or a dictionary mapping names in the checkpoint to the corresponding variables or list of variables to initialize from that checkpoint value. For partitioned Variables, the name in the checkpoint must be the full variable, not the name of the partitioned variable, eg. "my_var" rather than "my_var/part_4". If empty, returns no_op(), {}.
ignore_missing_vars Boolean, if True ignore variables missing in the checkpoint with a warning instead of failing.

the restore_op and the feed_dict that need to be run to restore var_list.

ValueError If ignore_missing_vars is False and the checkpoint specified at model_path is missing one of the variables in var_list.