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Copy a subgraph, replacing some of its inputs.

Note a replacement only happens if the tensor to be replaced is an input of the given subgraph. The inputs of a subgraph can be queried using sgv.inputs.

sgv the source subgraph-view. This argument is converted to a subgraph using the same rules as the function subgraph.make_view.
replacement_ts dictionary mapping from original tensors to the replaced one.
dst_graph the destination graph.
dst_scope the destination scope.
src_scope the source scope.
reuse_dst_scope if True the dst_scope is re-used if it already exists. Otherwise, the scope is given a unique name based on the one given by appending an underscore followed by a digit (default).

A tuple (sgv, info) where: sgv is the transformed subgraph view; info is an instance of TransformerInfo containing information about the transform, including mapping between original and transformed tensors and operations.

TypeError if dst_graph is not a tf.Graph.
StandardError if sgv cannot be converted to a SubGraphView using the same rules as the function subgraph.make_view.