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Returns a function that assigns specific variables from a checkpoint.

If ignore_missing_vars is True and no variables are found in the checkpoint it returns None.

model_path The full path to the model checkpoint. To get latest checkpoint use model_path = tf.train.latest_checkpoint(checkpoint_dir)
var_list A list of Variable objects or a dictionary mapping names in the checkpoint to the corresponding variables to initialize. If empty or None, it would return no_op(), None.
ignore_missing_vars Boolean, if True it would ignore variables missing in the checkpoint with a warning instead of failing.
reshape_variables Boolean, if True it would automatically reshape variables which are of different shape then the ones stored in the checkpoint but which have the same number of elements.

A function that takes a single argument, a tf.compat.v1.Session, that applies the assignment operation. If no matching variables were found in the checkpoint then None is returned.

ValueError If var_list is empty.