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Applies the same layer with the same arguments repeatedly.

  y = repeat(x, 3, conv2d, 64, [3, 3], scope='conv1')
  # It is equivalent to:

  x = conv2d(x, 64, [3, 3], scope='conv1/conv1_1')
  x = conv2d(x, 64, [3, 3], scope='conv1/conv1_2')
  y = conv2d(x, 64, [3, 3], scope='conv1/conv1_3')

If the scope argument is not given in kwargs, it is set to layer.__name__, or layer.func.__name__ (for functools.partial objects). If neither __name__ nor func.__name__ is available, the layers are called with scope='stack'.

inputs A Tensor suitable for layer.
repetitions Int, number of repetitions.
layer A layer with arguments (inputs, *args, **kwargs)
*args Extra args for the layer.
**kwargs Extra kwargs for the layer.

A tensor result of applying the layer, repetitions times.

ValueError If the op is unknown or wrong.