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Return all the tf.Operation within the given boundary.

ops an object convertible to a list of tf.Operation. those ops define the set in which to perform the operation (if a tf.Graph is given, it will be converted to the list of all its operations).
seed_ops the operations from which to start expanding.
boundary_ops the ops forming the boundary.
inclusive if True, the result will also include the boundary ops.
control_inputs A boolean indicating whether control inputs are enabled.
control_outputs An instance of util.ControlOutputs or None. If not None, control outputs are enabled.
control_ios An instance of util.ControlOutputs or None. If not None, both control inputs and control outputs are enabled. This is equivalent to set control_inputs to True and control_outputs to the util.ControlOutputs instance.

All the tf.Operation surrounding the given ops.

TypeError if ops or seed_ops cannot be converted to a list of tf.Operation.
ValueError if the boundary is intersecting with the seeds.