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Forward features to predictions dictionary.

In some cases, user wants to see some of the features in estimators prediction output. As an example, consider a batch prediction service: The service simply runs inference on the users graph and returns the results. Keys are essential because there is no order guarantee on the outputs so they need to be rejoined to the inputs via keys or transclusion of the inputs in the outputs. Example:

  def input_fn():
    features, labels = ...
    features['unique_example_id'] = ...
    features, labels
  estimator = tf.estimator.LinearClassifier(...)
  estimator = tf.contrib.estimator.forward_features(
      estimator, 'unique_example_id')
  assert 'unique_example_id' in estimator.predict(...)

Args: estimator: A tf.estimator.Estimator object. keys: A string or a list of string. If it is None, all of the features in dict is forwarded to the predictions. If it is a string, only given key is forwarded. If it is a list of strings, all the given keys are forwarded. sparse_default_values: A dict of str keys mapping the name of the sparse features to be converted to dense, to the default value to use. Only sparse features indicated in the dictionary are converted to dense and the provided default value is used.

A new tf.estimator.Estimator which forwards features to predictions.


  • if keys is already part of predictions. We don't allow override.
  • if 'keys' does not exist in features.
TypeError if keys type is not one of string or list/tuple of string.