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Construct an identity matrix, or a batch of matrices.

# Construct one identity matrix.
==> [[1., 0.],
     [0., 1.]]

# Construct a batch of 3 identity matricies, each 2 x 2.
# batch_identity[i, :, :] is a 2 x 2 identity matrix, i = 0, 1, 2.
batch_identity = tf.eye(2, batch_shape=[3])

# Construct one 2 x 3 "identity" matrix
tf.eye(2, num_columns=3)
==> [[ 1.,  0.,  0.],
     [ 0.,  1.,  0.]]

num_rows Non-negative int32 scalar Tensor giving the number of rows in each batch matrix.
num_columns Optional non-negative int32 scalar Tensor giving the number of columns in each batch matrix. Defaults to num_rows.
batch_shape A list or tuple of Python integers or a 1-D int32 Tensor. If provided, the returned Tensor will have leading batch dimensions of this shape.
dtype The type of an element in the resulting Tensor
name A name for this Op. Defaults to "eye".

A Tensor of shape batch_shape + [num_rows, num_columns]