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Outputs a Summary protocol buffer with a serialized tensor.proto.

name A name for the generated node. If display_name is not set, it will also serve as the tag name in TensorBoard. (In that case, the tag name will inherit tf name scopes.)
tensor A tensor of any type and shape to serialize.
summary_description A long description of the summary sequence. Markdown is supported.
collections Optional list of graph collections keys. The new summary op is added to these collections. Defaults to [GraphKeys.SUMMARIES].
summary_metadata Optional SummaryMetadata proto (which describes which plugins may use the summary value).
family Optional; if provided, used as the prefix of the summary tag, which controls the name used for display on TensorBoard when display_name is not set.
display_name A string used to name this data in TensorBoard. If this is not set, then the node name will be used instead.

A scalar Tensor of type string. The serialized Summary protocol buffer.