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Context manager for testing forward compatibility of generated graphs.

See Version compatibility.

To ensure forward compatibility of generated graphs (see forward_compatible) with older binaries, new features can be gated with:

if compat.forward_compatible(year=2018, month=08, date=01):

However, when adding new features, one may want to unittest it before the forward compatibility window expires. This context manager enables such tests. For example:

from tensorflow.python.compat import compat

def testMyNewFeature(self):
  with compat.forward_compatibility_horizon(2018, 08, 02):
     # Test that generate_graph_with_new_features() has an effect

year A year (e.g., 2018). Must be an int.
month A month (1 <= month <= 12) in year. Must be an int.
day A day (1 <= day <= 31, or 30, or 29, or 28) in month. Must be an int.